Publication ethics

SIBERIAN SOCIUM is a peer-reviewed periodical that publishes the results of original studies in sociological and economic life of Siberian and its adjacent territories. The aim of the journal is establishing cooperation in providing research materials of scientific groups of the University and Russian and foreign scientists into the international scientific and informational space, and increasing the effectiveness of scientific activities.

In order to achieve higher quality of published works the editorial board follows these accepted rules.


the University of Tyumen, in its activity follows the general provisions of part 4 of chapter 70 "Copyright" of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, being based on the recommendations of the International Committee on Publication Ethics.
The publisher is not responsible for the materials violating copyright laws.

● submit articles for publication with respect to the Rules of accepting articles, set by the journal;
● prove the ownership of intellectual property for the materials provided and guarantee that they have not been published before or sent for reviewal to other publishers;
● guarantee, that the data provided in the article is a real and genuine result of the research and all the authors made a prominent contribution into it;
● authors of original research provide detailed and explicit reports on their work showing the basic data and real results of the research;
● promptly inform the Publisher in case mistakes or inaccuracies in the work published are discovered;
● acknowledge that they are informed about the policy of the journal concerning the copyright laws and bear full responsibility for plagiarism that can be possibly detected during the process of article reviewing;
● take part in reviewing and rewrite the materials according to the recommendations of the reviewer if needed; provide counterarguments or editing;
● allow the Publisher to publish the materials in the database of the Russian Science Citation Index and international scientific databases and assign articles with DOI;
● provide the full information concerning funding of the studies and scientific works.

● bear full responsibility for the materials published (having the power to accept or decline articles);
● provide the compliance of the articles with academic and generally accepted international ethic standards for scientific titles;
● make well-founded decisions on publishing articles according to applicability and scientific value of the laid research;
● are willing that a significant contribution is made by the published articles in their field of study;
● take measures to prevent conflicts of objectives discovered during the work;
● must not have any conflict of objectives connected with the articles they recommend or decline;
● provide impartial review of articles by reviewers with proper qualification and scientific authority in the given sphere keeping them anonymous if needed; build up bases of reviewers classified by their spheres;
● adopt the system of estimating the reviewers' work, replacing them if needed;
● provide confidentiality of the information given in the reviewed materials and inform reviewers about it;
● provide claim settlement prior to publication;
● use software for plagiarism detection;
● publish confutations, correctives and changes if needed.

● follow the Recommendations for reviewers while performing their duties on a voluntary basis;
● must not have any prejudices towards the researches, authors or funders and granting organizations for the researches;
● mark corresponding works published, but not yet quoted;
● keep in mind that reviews are confidential;
● send articles for additional reviewing if needed;
● draw conclusions concerning work publication only according to the quality of the article that should be of undeniable scientific interest.